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10 Reasons for living in America

10 Reasons for living in America

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Here in the United States we enjoy clean water.  This is something we take for granted each day, for in some parts of the world bacteria is abundant in the local drinking water.

In the states we enjoy a decent waste removal system.  As parts of the world I have traveled, many third world countries do not have the infrastructure to deal with the enormous amount of waste produced each day.  Trash runs in the streets, the local rivers and water supply.

Beautiful landscape on epic portions.  Yosemite, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Alaska just to name a few.  In America we have a very diverse habitat full of different creatures and plant life for us to bath in their beauty.  This I believe is one of the biggest reason to feel pride for our great land.

Urban cities that have a wealth of information and activities that reflect the modern day society in its fullest.  We have restaurants from all over the world, museums of different subjects, libraries full of history, and water parks, theme parks, beaches, and quiet mountain cottages for all to enjoy in the silence.

The U.S. is a country that experiences all four seasons and carries different cilmates throughout the land.  From the sunny beaches of Los Angeles to the semi tropical areas of Florida, and the cold mountain cilmate of the Rocky Mountains here in America we have the diversity to meet any citizens desires.

High technology: it is hard to remember about 20 years ago before the Internet, cell phones, and simulation games, that we have quantum leaped forward and created  our modern day devices.  We are lucky to enjoy these high tech. toys that we first saw in science fiction movies only.

A wealth and diversity of cultures in together.  There are not many places in the world where one can mix with people from all over the globe.  In most big cities anyone can find somewhere to experience a taste of a different perspective of life.

The Internet:
This is not just an American inventions, nor is any one person responsilbel for its creation.  However the availability of the Internet in America is one major elements which I believe will carry us into the next level of our existence.

Rock N’ Roll
Yes, I put Rock N’ Roll near the top.  I do this because if it were not for Rock N’ Roll throughout my life, I may have never gotten through the difficult days of adolesence, or the fulfillment Rock N’ Roll gives while dancing or playing to it.  I believe Rock N’ Roll is a great American release of emotional creative energy, where would the United States be without the distorted sounds of freedom?

Influential Americans like Mark Twain, Carl Sagan, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Herndrix, Susan B. Anthony, The Z-boys, and all the millions of Americans that have created and made up this great country where I have learned about myself and live my life, thank you.

Written by Erik Niel

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