“We Win or We Die” to screen at the 2013 Crested Butte Film Festival

The Crested Butte Film Festival opens this Thursday September 26 and continues until Sunday September 29, 2013. The festival is held in Crested Butte, a former mining town in Gunnison County, Colorado.


Among the films being featured, are 180 Films’ very own film, “We Win or We Die” (2011).

“We Win or We Die” (2011), is an American independent short documentary produced by 180 Films. The film is set at the start of the Libyan revolution in the city of Benghazi. During the 2011 uprising, one man, an oil engineer, takes it upon himself to drive a car into the Katiba (Gaddafi’s base / home for Benghazi), shifting the power to the revolutionaries of Benghazi.  The film flows like a faced paced narrative told from actual cell phone footage from the streets of the revolutions and CG stills of Madi Zui building up to his final act of breaching the Katiba.

“We Win or We Die” – Press info



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