Reporting from Slamdance, Park City, Utah

The weather is cold but the spirits are hot.  Slamdance 2012 is pumping like a well oiled machine.  As a first timer here, I must admit its a wonderful experience to be part of a huge gathering of artists alike.  Ten years ago when I made the choice to become a filmmake my goal was to see a project of mine on the big screen.  In about 24 hours this dream with be coming true.  My only hope is that it will be received well by the audience.

Either way my filmmaking spirit has been reenergized after a a long bout of financial illness and weakening confidence.  It goes to show that things can flip on a dime and the world will give back.  Honestly I am still not sure what to make of it all especially as a first timer to an event of this size.  I must still remind myself that I am not here as a tourist but as a contributor to the festival.  Hopefully all goes well at our screening tomorrow.

I again thank all of our supporters of the film, ‘We Win or We Die’ and of course all our supporters over the years.  At 180 films we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Reporting from Park City, Utah

Erik Niel


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