2012 Film of the Year

Jak here with, in my opinion, the film of the year.  My boys at 180 Films have completed a truly fantastic short documentary that encapsulates the frequency of the globe.  Even though the film recounts the Libyan revolt and the selfless act of one man, it permeates to all people of different backgrounds.The age of men bearing golden guns, million dollar summer homes, and jet planes for a Pairs luncheon are dieing.  The people of the world have had enough of supporting such childish and ancient aspirations.  Syria, Egypt, and Libya started their bloody march against the powers that confine them almost a year ago.  It ignited in a global movement of monstrous proportions that is still going on today despite the lack of reporting.  If one thing is clear,  the people have had enough of being taxed for the comfort of a few spiritually empty people.The lads at 180 Films have put together a brilliant master piece of a film which shows how powerful people can be in spite of overwhelming odds against them.  Facts remain: Gaddafi is dead.  His golden gun lies in the hand of some Libyan ready to hand it down to his grandchild as a reminder to what is possible.

With all the struggles occurring in the world, this short film tells not only the story of one man, and a people. But also relays the resonating frequency of revolt throughout the globe,  as they fight for the primal right of freedom, property, and the pursuit of happiness. ‘We Win or We Die’ strikes a cord that applies to me and all people I believe.  The title does not just apply to Libyan people alone, it is a beacon of strength for all people to rally behind for a new age.  In this writer’s humble opinion, this film is the film of the year, created by young lads with spit and hope.  Go now and see this powerful film and witness the power of a collective force.

Written by Jak Ahabdune

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