Tales from Libya

Horrific to Ironic tales were delivered by LA filmmaker Matthew Millan at the UNCHR rally, (6/20/2011) Santa Monica.  Millan’s recent six week stay in Benghazi revealed the horrific violence Mummar Gadaffi unleashed against his own people.   Millan spoke of the systematic terror campaigns (e.g. car bombings, rape, and even disease spread) Gadaffi used to reassert control.

The ironic twist to his report was of the civility of the Libyan people towards each other.  In a country with no internal infrastructure present and no social services provided, what is holding the people together?

The citizens of Benghazi have taken matters into their own hands.  Local children are found sweeping the streets at 3:00 am to maintain the city.  Banks have been untouched, stores have not been looted, and homes have not been broken into, as Millan stated, “it appears that Islam is acting as a temporary constitution.”

As Millan passed the stories of Libyan people to the ears of the crowd, one thing became clear- war is hell.  This is why, on several occasions Millan was handed footage from many Libyan citizens and the message was always the same:  tell the people of the world what is going on in their country.

Millan plans his next trip to Libya to complete his hypothesis on his feature film project West of Tobruk.


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