Gaddfi Moles Caught

17th of February Brigade troops.

From Pictures – LIBYA 2011

Gaddfi Moles caught in Bengazi.  In Libya four French men offered private security services to the provisional government of Bengazi (rebel government in charge).  The government official gave these men carte blanch access and weapons supplies to protect the city.  The 17th of February Brigade, the rebel army that was formed on February 17th of this year became suspect of these foreigners.  Back ground checks were initiated, and nothing about these men was adding up.  The brigade leaders decided to detain these men until their identity and objectives could be further obtained.  As a result the men became very tense, and the biggest of the four men brandished a weapon as he attempted to flee.  He was shot and killed shortly after by the February of 17th Brigade.

The remaining three men were captured at a near by hotel.  After interrogations it was learned that the four French men were hired by the Gaddfi regime.  Their goal was to collect information and ‘operate,’ what ever that means, for the Gaddfi regime.

Earlier reports said that all four men seemed strange to locals in Bengazi.  The men kept to themselves and seemed as one local said,”very shifty.”  The men are being held still by the provisional government until a decession is made of what to do with them.

At this time in Libya, the fight for power is still very emanate.  The forces of Gaddfi are well funded at trained.  This is a reflection of the level at which the regime will go to regain control of the country.  The people of Bengazi are keeping their eyes on the look out for other Gaddfi moles.  It has been reported that many of the moles have fled but some still do remain loyal to the old regime.

Written by Erik Niel
Story from Bengazi, Libya – Anonymous Source


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