Car Bombing in Bengazi

Last night, May 3 2011, a  bomb was placed under a car, detonating in Bengazi, Libya.  It destroyed 10 cars in the vicinity and damaged near by windows some 50 meters away.  The bomb is mostly likely a homemade, constructed out of fishing dynamite, but reports uncertain.  It is hard to say who planted the bomb, but from local views, it is believed to be the work of pro-Gaddfi moles.  It was placed near the courthouse, which is one of the few places to have working Internet.Arriving approximately 20 minutes after the explosion, reporter Matt Millan of 180 Films was approached by a strange man that patted his back and said, “Today, everyday.”  The man quickly hurried away from the scene.   Meanwhile at the courthouse a huge rally of 10, 000 people took place.The people of Bengazi are living in surreal times.  There is no longer any city infrastructure functioning.  The people have bonded together to maintain their city without any government support of any kind.  This is all done for no money, or profit.  It shows that the typical viewpoint of chaos without state control is not true; people will cooperate on their own if necessary.  Unfortunately, bombings like the one last night still plague this city.  The people are still reminded that their old way of life is still present.  As stated by Matt Millan, the feeling is there will be more of this horrible events in the future; but the people of Libya are undeterred.
Reported by Matt Millan, Bengazi, Libya,  May 3, 2011

Article written by Erik Niel of 180 Films


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