Boiling Point!

Boiling Point!


New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings will harden the spines of anyone.  With change floating in the air for all to smell, some acts that seem impossible or even suicidal become rational.  In Cairo last week, Libyan refugees tried  to storm the Libyan embassy in Egypt.  These poor Libyans were offered money in-exchange for supporting Gaddafi’s campaign.  The Libyans refused the bribe and turned their efforts towards the embassy.The goal was simple, remove the green Gaddfi flag of Libya and replace it with the red, green, black flag of pre-Gaddfi rule.  Obviously, the embassy refused.  Egyptian soldiers came to protect the embassy from the Libyan refugees.  The tensions soon raised into pushing and shoving between the soldiers and the people.  The Libyans grew more and more outraged at the Egyptian soldiers.  This provoked the army to bring in a heavy machine gun with live rounds.


One brave man climbed up to the top of the embassy wall.  He pulled out the old Libyan flag,  the crowd erupted into a roar that signified its strength to the Egyptian army.  The soldiers quickly removed the man from the wall as they manhandled him to the ground.  Yet the tensions remained high and the tide could go either way.  The people started running towards the Embassy door.  That started the firing of the machine gun into the air to gain control of the situation.  This event almost hit a boiling point and could have easily turned into another massacre for the books.  However, showing a great deal of wisdom and courage an elderly man spoke to the people and cooled the situation down.  If it was not for this man a boiling point would have been reached.  As stated by Matthew Millan, who reported this story, “I would say it skimmed the boiling point… you could palpably see it trying to go over.”  Things calmed down eventually,  yet the message seems to be the same these days.  In parts of the Arab world a conscious ideal is attempting to manifest in reality. The people of Libya, Yemen and Syria are polarized on the same belief that a better life is possible.  Oppression and exploitation have reached their own boiling points, that the people are better off fighting and dying if necessary for a better life, than live the old one.

Reported by Matt Millan, Cairo Egypt,  April 2011

Article written by Erik NielAs seen in this mini protest in Cairo, this ideal is spreading throughout the globe.  It is awakening more and more people to the realities of the world.  The people are gaining, a momentum that no government or other entity can resist.  People are the strength, the power, and when liked up together a force of enormous power is manifested and available for whatever purpose.


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