Last American Joe

Last American JoeJoe stepped outside his front door to a most upsetting scene.  His entire block people, houses, yards, dogs, and cats all gone.  In the most literal sense, the entire structures have been removed.  All that remains is the blank spot between the recently covered and the exposed part of the land.  Joe stood silent, but calm.  He looked up at the sky.  Joe pulled up his red, white and blue coffee mug filled with his favorite cup of coffee, and took a strong belt while he contemplated the scene.

“No more houses hmm…that was Charlie’s over there, that one Sam’s…wonder if they were in them?”  Joe sips more coffee.  Where the street would have been on any other morning was now a rough dirt road.  It appeared the road was pulled up from the ground like a piece of tape.  Joe reached down with his hand.  The ground was very warm.  “Strange,” he muttered to himself.  Joe decided to investigate what has happened to his town.  After driving for an hour, Joe comes to a realization that all of the people are gone to the same fate.  “What is going on here?”  Joe shouts.  The day is beautiful and warm.  On any other day this would have been a wonderful day to enjoy with family and friends.  Joe becomes scared for the first time.

American Joe is the last American alive.  Within an instant all of America has vanished.  Only the residue of this once great country remains.  “Well if I’m the last American then I will hold up the creed of my homeland.”  Joe stands erect with a look of determination in his eyes.

“If I’m the last one, I guess that makes me president.”  American Joe smiles at his understanding of his new world.  “What to do, what to do?  Money, I need money if I’m the president, I need lots of money.”  Joe quickly returns to his home to pack for his trip.  He takes many empty suitcases.  Joe’s car is packed with supplies.  The last thing he does before driving off is take one last look around his town.  He feels a bit of sadness as he ponders what happened to all the others.  “No time for that now, I must find some money if I am going to survive.”

Joe starts his car and heads east down the highway.

to be continued….

By Erik Niel Contribute to Voices of America – CLICK HERE!


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