Thank you F.D.R. – Joshua Tree National Park

Photo by Magaly Contreras

When the time comes to leave the desert a heavy feeling settles down on your heart. Even if your skin still sizzles from yesterday’s hike, you can’t help but feel sad to leave. There is something very cleansing about the desert. Somehow the hot sun melts away all the stress from the rigors of life. With its simplicity and beauty the desert can realign ones compass and refuel the soul.

The world of Dr. Suess’ comes alive at Joshua Tree National Park. The Joshua Trees are scattered like a forest throughout the desert. It feels as if you are walking in a magical land in the clouds. The desert is dry, hot and huge rocks scatter the open land like the Flintstone’s cartoon. Even though the desert is an extreme environment, there is still much beauty and life about. It reminds me that life is a hardy force. I keep finding myself thinking that a giant will pop out from behind the rocks singing, “Fee… Fi… Fo… Fum”…ready to pounce on me. This strange environment allows my mind the space to wander freely. I look out beyond the horizon and breath in the clean air and take everything in through all senses. I am thankful to F.D.R. for setting aside this land, the people of his future. What would it be like without places untouched by man’s hand? How would we gain any sense of perspective?

Photos by Magaly Contreras

Take any way possible to visit Joshua Tree or any other National Park. I find it interesting that Joshua Tree park is very well maintained. All park structures are in good condition and most of the park is very clean. My thoughts wonder and begin questioning why we do not have protected cities? People should live under similar guidelines that protect the environment, and regulate the amount of traffic so the environment is protected preserved. I vote to set more land aside as protected by our country. More land under protection means people can connect back with nature and disconnect from the frantic drive of life. Places like Joshua Tree are extremely important for people to be reminded of the world outside of the one we create. Rejuvienate your spirit and sit high on a rock and stare at the beauty of Joshua Tree National Park.

By Voices of America


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