Call to Voices – SHARE YOURS!

Voices of America:Today’s post is a call to arms, or actually voices.  People of America, its time to set down the daily stresses for a brief moment.  What ever your view point of life may be, if you live in America then you make up a voice of this nation.  “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” quoted from J.F.K., this is exactly the attitude needed for America right now.  America needs to hear from all its people, so America can grow into the 21st century strong and prosperous.  You are alive now, one day you will not be here, what kind of impact do yo want to leave behind for the coming generations?

The Voices of America project is an archive of American lives at a amazing point in history.  Through knowledge, technology, and most importantly information transfer; the world is at a precipice of a whole new frontier of existence.  While the old powers attempt to contain these historic evolutionary steps in civilization, it is inevitable that some dramatic change will ocurr.  “Once eaten from the tree of knowledge, forever are the eyes open.”

Take a short break from the routine of life and submit your own personal thoughts.  Leave an account for future Americans what it was like to live at this historic transition.  You do not have to be a writer, a journalistic, or teacher.  The only requirements are that you live in America and give the readers your perspective on the state of America.  Help us build a massive archive of American thoughts that reflect back on their homeland and themselves.

The goal is to take a portion of these articles and publish them into a Voices of America Journal for all Americans to read.

Submit a short article, poem, picture, or what ever and tell your fellow Americans your unique voice.  180 Films will take submissions up until May 31 2011.  Register for Voices of America CLICK HERE

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