Little Eden

Little Eden

The Sun God  has returned today.  I am sitting here trying to grab a hold of myself.  I feel the stress creeping on me like a thousand ants.  Each tiny bit tickling my nerves fueling the anxiety through my blood.  My conflict is the outside, and my little garden is my shield.  It is only a 3ft wide by 12 ft long porch with an ugly pink stucco, but I and my love transformed it into a private sanctuary in the chaos.  There are tall snap dragons climbing to the sky, rich purple flowers spill over the balcony like a water fall.  There is a bushy lavender plant that filters out the air with its soothing scent.

The concept was to create our own little zen hide away.  It is amazing to me how much little items like a stone can change ones perception on anything.  The soft contours of the white Alabaster rock take my mind to a beautiful pond in the mountains with birds chirping in an audience of trees.

There are no worries, for at this spot the mood is heaven.  The fears are left way behind.  It is wonderful to give my mind the sanctuary to calm itself down.  Regardless how much life may demand at anytime, I must allow my mind to feel peace.  The soft green vegetation surrounds my vision and softens the concrete around me.  Having plants relaxes my body and I can see the beauty of the sunlight on the flowers.  Even in my tiny garden I have a little fountain that rains a curtain of water around a small candle. I look to my Eden and wonder how can I improve my garden?  My dream is to create such a lush garden that I am shielded from the outside world.  I love our little Eden.  Without my plants growing well, how would I enjoy each day?



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