April’s Stupid Asshole of the Month

Every month there is exceedingly stiff competition for the coveted asshole of the month prize.  Glenn Beck is always a contender.  Wolf Blitzer in the past few months has really risen to prominence. Charlie Sheen, well, he is certainly always “winning” in these stakes.  But one man, one unknown entity, has somehow risen from obscurity, and taken the trophy from these heavyweights.

Enter Matthew Millan, a wannabe filmmaker residing in the shithole par excellence of Los Angeles, California.  So how, you ask, does a relative unknown rise to the top of the steaming pile of douchebags to win the award?  Simple.  This prick is going to Libya to make a film!  Yes, you heard it.  Libya!  Home of Gaddafi, a man who recklessly invaded Chad (who still has trouble sitting on a hard surface to this day), bombed a German nightclub, plotted the Lockerbie disaster, and worst of all, purchased a nuclear warhead made from used pinball parts.  And Matthew “Middle-Aged Attention Whore” Millan is going to his backyard to make a little film on god knows, or cares for that matter, what.

I lived my whole life immersed in the most brutal violence imaginable, for I was just a product of the times.  But it really, really takes a dipshit of the highest order to actively seek out a conflict, particularly one centered around an even bigger tit than myself.  God bless Tiny Tim.

And so I call on all of my followers, and all 10 readers, to support this idiot in this ridiculous, 64 calorie T.E Lawrence endeavor.  Why, you ask?  Simple.  This is certainly going to end up being the 4th installment of Jackass, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Short of stapling his nutsack to Saif Gaddafi’s thigh, I can’t see how this could possibly be more hilarious.  So, please my dear readers, if you are loyal to comedy, then give this asshole some money so he can not only go into the lion’s den, but stick his finger up its butthole.  You can donate your money to the cause below:

Donate to the Comedy Here

Written by Vlad Tepes


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