“Extra Extra – The People are Coming…”


The age of declining empires is upon us.  A transition point between two different states; the way of the old or the rebirth of the new.  These are the times that get recorded in the archives.  Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, all share the same demand of the people.  The destruction of the forces that have taken so much from them for so long; it is time to end the abuse.  The people of these entities have come to realize that the structure that defines them is the enemy.  How does something like a revolution leave individuals brains, join up with the unspoken thoughts of others, and finally manifest in a full blown conflict to the death?

The mentioned countries are only a small handful of nations slowing roasting over a global flow of information.  Many nations in Africa are, or have been brewing for centuries.  Conquered by imperialist of the old world, they still serve their colonial masters.  The age of dictators was born, they ruled with an iron fist and a thirst for power.  Colonies like Libya formerly controled by Italy, and before, the Ottoman empire have been under rule by others for centuries.  As with Libya, the unrest in people reached a critical mass and blew up in the face of their dictator Gaddafi.  What I find interesting is the occurrence in these conflicts, as with Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.  Like a train of dominos, each one steps up the next to fall.  If anything is obviously clear, the people when pushed to inhuman levels of exploitation will eventually respond.  Even if their untrained armies loose hundreds of souls, the momentum generated cannot be stopped.  People will take over compounds with sticks, they will meet any aggressor face on regardless of his strength.  The point is being free.

I can only imagine how sweet the glass of freedom would taste.   Once sipped, ones sight has forever been changed.  The person begins to see a different world of possibility and realize how much has been taken from them.  Anger develops in the heart, then explodes into a full blown rage against the forces that took so much.  From there its mathematics, geometric progression throughout the populous.

Freedom is the sight of opportunity and the power to live and imagine.  The forces which developed over time have become obsolete.  The age of colonialism is finally coming to a close.  Here in the 21st century a more even distribution  of power, wealth and quality of life will be demanded by the people and the planet.  I wish I could say without destruction, but I fear it would lie.  The old colonial paradymes of the world are archaic and must be laid down tin the history books.  Monsters like Gaddafi, and the others of the world must be cut away, but not forgotten.  If a group of students in Libya can mount a nation wild revolution, then any other country can have the courage to say, ‘No More,’ also.

With so many people tasting  a new brew of freedom it is only conceivable that more will join in.  What countries, what people will be next to stand up and protest to the ruling enitity?  Will it be another oil rich country, will it be somewhere in Asia, or will it be somewhere even closer?  Anywhere people see policies limiting their lives, or the lives of their grandchildren is fertile soil for the next domino to fall.  Word to the wise, ‘leaders of the world, care for your people, feed them well, teach their children, and respect the land or the people will come with a force unimaginable.’

Written by Jak Ahabdune

Jak Ahabdune is an eccentric and enthusiastic writer from Venice, California with a unique, creative approach. Currently, he enjoys writing for e-zines articles and for a variety of websites as well as his own blog site, Jak’s View. He also frequently writes for 180 Films, an independent film company based in Los Angeles. His innovative and inspiring imagination strikes as a fresh draft of originality when he explores topics like skateboarding, consciousness, science, film and music.

Jak’s View – Reporting from the other side.


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