Day of the Underdog

Day of the Underdog

“Get over here,” the young, dumb, and full of ignorance officer of the law yelled out.  “What is the problem,” sitting on a bicycle is a man wearing a dark jacket and ski hat.  At his side, is a girl wearing a heavy white coat covering her head.  Her pretty eyes show their displease of the situation.  “You ever been on probation?”  A bald headed cop spouts off.  “No.”  The man says behind greeted teeth.  “Why are you out here at such a time?”  His body language said, I’m unsure, but he proceeded regardless to narrow his beady little eyes.  It was comical, but he still had the power.  Knowing how the game must be played, the man responded controlled, “ We just came from a film.”  The cops looked at each other as if disappointed. The taller cop looks over at the bikes.  He calmly walks over to the man.  “Why were you riding on the sidewalk?”  “Because, I don’t trust city drivers.”  The cop bursts out in laughter.  “Well, you want me to give you a ticket?”

A light gust of wind stirs up a bag across the street.  On the corner three skater kids stand idle.  “No, I want you to show me the respect I deserve as a citizen,  you fool.”  The big cop snaps on a dime.  He runs up, hand on club, “What?”  “I think you heard me.”  The cops eyes blaze with anger, and excitement.  “What does it say on the side of your car,” the man asks.  ”To protect and serve, how is disrespecting me, by assuming that I am a criminal, serve me?  I think you and your partner are just two young cops looking to blast your rocks off.  The funny thing is the people that lose the most, is you.”

By now a small gathering of people stand by to watch the excitement.  “I think this guy is resisting arrest.“  The cop swoops toward the man and attempts to grab his hand in an arm lock.  Within a flash the man anticipates the cops move, and in less than a second, the tides have turned.  At the end  of the scuffle, the man has the cop in a wrist hold, desperately in pain.  He looks directly in the cops eyes, then releases the hold.  “This is all your fault, why did you stop us,”  The girls shouts then she slips into speaking Spanish cutting into the cops like a razor.  The cops may not have understood her language, but they felt the message.

Feeling the lose of control, the bald cop grabs the girl by the wrist.  “Take your hand off-…” then a solid blow to the rib cage sends the man to the ground.  Looking over him is the big cop holding his knight stick.  “Don’t ever put a hold on a cop.  If there wasn’t any consequences, then filth like you wouldn’t allow us to do our jobs.”  He looks to his partner and smiles.  “What job is that?”  The man says through broken breaths.  The cop pauses.  “I uphold the law,” he says confidently.  “And who benefits the most from these laws, me, you?,” you put yourself on the front lines each day, seeing god knows what, have people hate you because your represent a negative element in their lives, is it all worth it in the end?  When you see citizens as the threats you have lost your principles.  To protect and serve is for me the citizen, one out of many, we pay you salaries for this service.  By seeing criminals fist you take away my liberties and yours, you child. “

“Wake up, take some form of responsibility”  By now a small crowd has gathered and slowly moves in.  “The reason you have a job is because our system creates the conditions of poverty, through exploitation, and theft, all criminal acts by the law you uphold.  You are just the muscle.  The  only difference between you and a common thug, is the scale of the operation and the uniform.”   Without knowing it both cops have slipped into a trace like stare, like school boys being reprimanded.  “I am a citizen you must respect me.  Respect is the glue to civilized society, we are not the enemy, you have been programmed incorrectly for others benefit, wake up.  Do you even know what would happen if there were no crime, you would be out of a job, and yes then you would have to some homework.  I am a man of integrity and respect for people and other beings of this planet.  I will not allow a common parasite go unchecked anymore.  I have a responsibility.  I have honor – “ Shut up smart guy, the big cop quickly interrupts, while he raises his stick ready to strike again.  The man shouts out at the top of his lungs, “Get your phones! Get your phones!  Get your phones out,” the man shouts directly at the cops face.

On the perimeter the crowd of people look confused.  The cop almost looks relieved for a second.  “It doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong, either way its a pay day for you,” the man hollers.  Instantly 20 silver devices flip towards the scene.  The big cop notices.  It becomes silent and everybody is still.  The cops breathing moves his body armor up to his chin with ever breath.    He returns his gaze to the man.  “Your move?”

The changing tide is felt by all.  A dull sound shakes from the people as they begin stomping their feet out in protest.  Shouts and screams directed at the cops continue their objection.  “Let go!”  The girl breaks free from the bald cop and smacks him across the face.  He thrusts back, but his partner stops him,  “I’ll let you go this time, the cop says slowly.  The fear of the situation is present on his face like a wart.  He attempts to compose himself.  “But get that light fixed or I’ll give you a ticket.  You hear me?”  The man stands like a stone.  “Did you here me,” the man replies.  The cop looks at the crowd which has doubled, “go home, go home,” a small child shakes his head.   The stomping grows and grows until the cops flee away.  The next day Youtube experienced the highest views ever for a new video in a single day, the title read, ‘Day of the Underdog’.

Losely based on actual events

Written By Erik Niel

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