Uncle Sad…

Uncle Sad…

Whenever the world is having a crises my uncle immediately gets very angry.  His heart begins to boil and he stomps around like in the cartoons.  He throws things, yells and screams at anyone near him, then he steps outside looking to fight someone and unload his hate.  This is what my dad told me at a Christmas dinner one time.  I never understood, my uncle has all that anyone would want: beautiful places to live, neat cars, and plenty of money forever.  I asked my dad, “why is his heart so empty then?”  Dad looked down at me quietly, and patted my head.

My school friends always ask about my uncle.  They were so eager to hear about what he was doing, where he was going, and always who he was fighting.  After a while I got really tired of saying the same things, and I felt that I was lying.  They believed that he was so happy doing his job each day.  Then I would remember the sad look my uncle always carried on his face.  I understood that my friends had no idea what my uncle’s  job did to him.  One time he came down to visit my family for a while, the whole time he complained about the middle east something, and some people where having a sit in, whatever that is, and always he complained about not having enough money.  I love my uncle, but when he left I felt my much better.  He made everyone in the house sad and nervous.  I asked my mom why was my uncle so upset all the time?  She said, “you will understand when you are older.”

I worry about my uncle because whenever I look at him he seems angerier.  I never see him happy or spending time with anyone.  He is always alone.  He sits quietly like a statue as if he lost something special.  I do not believe he has any friends at all.  It makes me very sad.  I think that if my uncle had friends to go on picnics with like I do with my family, he would feel a lot better.  My mom says, that my uncle has had to sacrifice a great deal.  She said, that he has worked very hard to achieve all that he has in his life.  I asked one time why did he work so hard to be unhappy?  My mother paused as if she forget what to say and then said, “Never mind girl!”

I feel bad for my uncle always fighting with people at work.  I know that he is a very important man for our country.  He carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders my father says.  I could never imagine how responsibility could be held though?  Still I think that a good vacation in a beautiful forest, running and playing through the trees, is all that my uncle needs.  When I am with my girlfriends we sit and pick beautiful flowers all day long.  We see who can make the prettiest bouquet.  I laugh every time we see my uncle on TV, because his cloths have never changed.  It’s always the same three colors, and he kind of looks like a clown wearing a tall hat.  One time I thought to myself that is why he never has friends, because my uncle dresses like a crazy old man with a long white beard.

I love my uncle because he is my family.  My father told me that family is the strongest bonds between people.  I don’t know what that means, but I know I must respect my uncle.  When I am sad, I always feel better going home to my family.  I wish one day my uncle could find a nice friend, so he would not be sad. It would be nice seeing him enjoying the things he worked so hard to get.  I am just a young girl of eleven.  But if I had what my uncle has, I would make tons of friends, pick hundreds of flowers, play hid in seek in the forests, splash in warm beaches, hike in the deserts, and meet new people to enjoy everything in the world with.

Written by Ruby Smith sixth grade American Student

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