Quick Rules from your Mother

Quick Rules from your Mother

When I was just a new lad, just off the shelf, my mum always drilled in my head certain rules.  First, be kind to others, help other people when ever possible.  The compassion transmitted during such behavior generates a warm glow for anyone standing by.

“Do unto others as you want them to treat you,” she would say each morning, I must admit that this rule has a second side that may not be the implied goodness of her statement.  As crazy as it may sound, there are people that enjoy killing other people and expect the same to happen to themselves.  I do not believe my poor old mum had this in mind.

Mum would also say that limits are a very important part of life.  “Jak,” she would say, “you can’t always get want you want.”  When I replied with a witty response that her statement sounded like a song; she would raise her hand high in the air ready to unload on  my cheek.  Either way the message was clear and just.  There are limits to what we can have and how much is allowable to obtain.  Unbridled expansion can destroy any person or system.

Mother always preached, “don’t be wasteful,”  then she would look down at me sternly in my eyes.  “Be thankful for what you got, or you will always be hungry.”  I didn’t understand meaning at the time but now after a few moons have gone by I believe I understand her meaning.  Without thanks there can be no resolution and the peroson / system is constantly in want; therefore it conitinues to grows until it collapses under its own weight.

Today, I find it necessary to review some of Mothers rules.  Our world is in need of some realistic rules to remind us where we came from and what is important.  

Remember mothers rules and live to enjoy her words.

Written by Jak Ahabdune

Jak Ahabdune is an eccentric and enthusiastic writer from Venice, California with a unique, creative approach. Currently, he enjoys writing for e-zines articles and for a variety of websites as well as his own blog site, Jak’s View. He also frequently writes for 180 Films, an independent film company based in Los Angeles. His innovative and inspiring imagination strikes as a fresh draft of originality when he explores topics like skateboarding, consciousness, science, film and music.

Jak’s View – Reporting from the other side.


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