Libya – The Fall of a Tyrant

On Febuary 17, 2011 the youth of Libya mounted a protest against the dictator Muammmar Gaddafi.  After 42 years of power, the people finally had enough. In the attached video, American Libyans expressed their out range to the killings in Libya by this tyrant.  As of 3/22/2011, the United States and other members of an international coalition have launched air strikes against Gaddafi’s airbases.  This was, as Obama stated, a necessary action to protect the people of Libya from any further assault by Col. Gaddafi.

This story is not a new one.  It is a tale repeated all over the world in many different fashions, different languages, and different resources.  Leadership like Gaddafi’s have placed his people into a situation that existing under the same conditions is not acceptable.  The levels have reached their critical limits and now the people are willing to place their lives on the line for it.

Instead of pointing the finger at what is right or who is wrong I propose a simple speculative set of thoughts.  Libya is one of many nations that fall victim to exploitation.  Every country in the world must take from the collective power to establish itself as an entity.  In the form of taxes or resources the entity extracts energy to enrich itself.  Theoretically, this accepted withdraw by the government is necessary so the entire people can benefit at large.  Yet, history tells a different story.  Why is the old saying, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ carry so much credence?

If Gaddafi gave even a small portion of his estimated 1 trillion dollars back to his country, there might not have been an uprising.  Why is the accepted directive for governments to establish fear in the hearts of their citizens to maintain control?  Greed is the only answer that explains such behavior.  With the staggering wealth Gaddafi has taken from Libya, why does he still need to kill to maintain power?  Do we live in a global environment that only selects individuals like Col. Gaddafi to flourish?  I can’t help but be reminded of my pre-school days when the tenets of conduct towards others were stated in simple terms, ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourself.’  I doubt that Gaddafi has done to his people the same as he has to himself or family.  If so, why is their a revolt?  This may be an over simpilfication of the issue;  however, maybe it is these basic tenets that should be the starting ground for the entire globe?  I believe if Gaddfi’s efforts towards his people  followed such beliefs his current ploy to stay in power would not be in jeopardy.  If he gave unto his people the same as he did to himself not only would he still have wealth; but more importantly he would be remembered as a hero for generations.

Written by Erik Niel

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