Community Colleges Falling Apart

Community Colleges Falling Apart

The state is about to cut between 5 to 25 million dollars from Santa Monica College’s (SMC) budget for next school year. If this happens, say goodbye to summer and winter semester’s. Pull out your knives and guns in 2012. You will be fighting just to get into the door of a classroom. We have billions for war, but not school. This generation of students are screwed and I mean literally F**ked.

I decided to go back to school this year to further a second degree. Upon returning to my old stomping grounds of Santa Monica College (SMC), I noticed over 50% of general classes had been cut. Prices per unit have jumped from $12 / unit to now a whopping $26 / unit since 2006. I am taking three classes this semester, Spanish, Film and a math CS class. I paid over 400 dollars and 550 dollars for books.. WTF?…. The biggest thieves are the book retailers. That’s another story….

The first day of my classes, there was about 30 to 50 kids trying to get an add code in each one of my classes. SMC is so over packed and with the cuts in classes it is impossible for freshman to get a full load of units. My Professors only added 3 to 5 students out of the 50. One of my professors told the students and I quote “Sorry guys, not my problem. I don’t want to overload myself. Take it up with the board of education”. It is like winning the lottery just to get a class these days. The professors have given up at this point. The students that where able to get an add code have huge gaps between classes. How can you get a job when you are in school 8 to 10 hours a day? On Thursdays, I am in school from 7am to 630 pm. So working on a Thursday is out of the question for me.

I was lucky because I had no problem getting the classes I wanted. They base seniority on the amount of units you have. Since I have over 130 units from previous years, it was easy to pick the classes I wanted. My good friend’s girlfriend (A freshman) was only trailing 8 days after my enrolment date and was not able to get a single class. Luckily she was able to crash one class. You can say she was a lottery winner. The sad thing is she had to lie and say this was the last class she needed to graduate just for the professor to add her. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get ahead. It really is a fight among students. Now think of how next year will be with the funding cuts.

If you think SMC is bad, West LA and other community colleges are screwed too. I suggest shoot for universities, they are a little better funded. Our Community colleges are only going to get worse over the years to come..

Good Luck

Article By a member of Malbert Productions..
Malbert Productions


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