A Requiem for the Media

Fox News, Go fuck Yourself!

CNN, Go fuck Yourself!

MSNBC, Go fuck Yourself!

Talk Radio hosts, Go Fuck Yourselves!

You know what?  All of you, go fuck yourselves.  You assholes sold us out.  You wave your charter in front of our faces.  Your objective reporting.  Your statement of facts to keep us “informed”.  Your obsession to get to the “truth”…all at the behest of your overlords.  Yes, your overlords, those vital cogs in the trusts reawakened.  An oligopoly that would make even JP Morgan shake his head in disbelief.  A whole system dismantled by these burgeoning trusts, and right behind our backs, while you the media deftly employ your deflectioneering tactics…and all so these greedy bastards can get away scot-free.

You helped perpetuate the Democrats and Republicans: two sides of the same coin, controlled by the financial juggernauts who capriciously determine our fate.

You helped erase the costly lessons of Vietnam, and propel us into this geometrically growing sense of self-entitlement.

You helped create the socialist bogeyman, a veritable Ivan Drago bent on breaking the spine of America.

You helped sweep Rwanda under the rug.

You helped create the Muslim demon, a phantasm from your twisted imagination that hates us to the very core…because of our “freedom”.

You sacrificed the Enron lamb to appease us, knowing full well that the corruption sank much deeper into the Union.

You helped push the Iraq war, and bought without question the mistruths fed to you by the war-profiteering administration.

You helped push the hedge fund bomb, and let the billionaire criminals off quite easily when the financial meltdown finally occurred.

You are not journalists.  You are not the news.  You are no better than ‘Jersey Shore’.  A reality show far removed from reality…but far more dangerous.  You created the world that we see.  You helped feed the ignorant hate-mongers who think that all Arabs are subhuman, and don’t deserve freedom.  Or the idiots who think that the tsunami in Japan was karmic payback for Pearl Harbor. You sold us out, and shat on your own charter, many many years ago.  You were hijacked by the very financial and industrial institutions that control all aspects of our lives, and became their most loyal servants.  You are nothing more than a mouthpiece, an ugly fluffer on the set whose only purpose is to keep it up for them, so they can ram it down into us for a few more takes.  That is your one task, and you perform it with aplomb.

You kept us stupid, apathetic, ill-informed, ignorant, afraid, angry and full of hate.  You fed us paralytic drugs, so we wouldn’t know when we were being fleeced.  You held us just below the threshold, so we wouldn’t stand up for social justice and our very own civil rights.  And you did it masterfully.  For that I say, well done, lads.  But you can’t hold us down forever.  When that threshold is crossed, there is no turning back.  And when the stakes are being sharpened, do not for one minute think that we will forget about you and what have you done.



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