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‘an amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted, or desirable,’ I state this term in reference to America.  How does this term fit into modern American lifestyle?  As Americans we live on a level of life that many people of the world do not.  There are thousands of people who live beneath what we define as the poverty line.  This means that the basic necessities of life are absent for the majority of the global population.  For centuries, the mind set has been that stratification is a natural and necessary part of life.  It is by the different components of a machine which allow it to come into harmony as one.  Each piece of the machine has its own function and performs its duties.  Therefore, is it prudent to stress the majority of cells for the for only a tiny portion of the entire machine?


Energy is all ways conserved and is not created from a vacuum.  Even though most Americans struggle from one paycheck to the next.  It is hard to imagine that this difficult lifestyle is established from the backs of other souls, and other beings; today’s third world colonies that are held in chaos for control of resources, the consistent ecocides all over the globe, in water and on land, the dark demons we create in children souls of occupied nations, violence is our creed and necessary for survival. These are the traits that define us as a culture. We exist in an ecosystem with the top dogs being very few but with all the power.  Even though we exist in luxury in comparison to our third world neighbors.  There are others above us standing from the tip tops of society that take the lions share of surplus energy, profit.  We have been conditioned to be workers, and consumers to a few elite people.  This is the price we pay for having these high rise-economic species ruling us.  Americans, we are living off the backs of others but we also fall victim to the same fate.


Does creating an elite class of people; approximately 3% of the world’s population, whom control most of the means of production, seem wise?  Does this tiny alienated group obtain the vast perspective and integrity to speak for the majority?  I believe the current revolution in Libya, where Muammar Gaddafi is killing his own people to hold onto his power is a current example of the these people’s concerns.  Remember for our hard earned lives we direct our energy in the form of labor, so these elite people can stay rich.  With such a noble act from the masses, there must be something of great importance they produce for the rest of us and the planet?  But these people, whom profit by owning the land, the business’s, and the law, can only do one thing.  In what appears a religious act, they profit without fear, worry, nor any long term repercussions.  Their whole life is designed for this single purpose.  They must orchestrate the conscious collective into supporting their efforts so they may continue to profit.  I say, this is unacceptable because these actions are highly violent against other human beings, including ourselves and the planet.  It is an Excess, a gross waste of energy for the mass amount of human energy being put forth, for so few.  At the end of 2010, the United States Military budget concluded between 1.01 to 1.35 trillion dollars in spending, while the Department of Education finished at 46.7 billion dollars.

This means 21 more times, money went into things that destroy and kill rather than our children and future.  I believe that these actions are not necessary, permitted, nor desirable in short-excess.

Written by Erik Niel

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