Charlie Sheen’s War

Recent developments in North Africa, and within the labrythine mind of Charlie Sheen may at first glance seem completely unrelated. Yet an astute observer, like a certain 570 year-old prince for example, will pick up telling correlations between these events. As a butterfly flapping its wings in California causes a typhoon in Japan, the apparent breakdown of Mr. Sheen has in fact accelerated the wind of revolution around the world. So the real question to ask is not if these events are related, but how they are related.

Pax Wolfowitza

The acrid stench of rebellion has been so strong, so overpowering, that it has even stirred the old guard neo-cons from their slumber. Led by Paul Wolfowitz and the other chicken-hawks descended directly from complete-and-utter-prick DNA extracted from Lucy’s pimp in Ethiopia, the Pax Americana Wild Bunch have called for immediate intervention in Libya. This is of course all in the name of democracy and human rights, two themes entirely consistent with their impressive track records. Seriously, any half-witted dipshit can see through this doo doo-stained veil. But how, you ask, can this possibly relate to that quixotic guy known for his ground-breaking roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Men at Work?

Narcissus Raped by Adonis

As a hilarious consequence of the costly picnics in Iraq and Afghanistan, United States foreign policy is in serious trouble. A blowback of Category-5 proportions, so to speak. The aging narcissistic autocrats who supported the powerful American military-industrial complex are being jettisoned into the Mediterranean faster than Paris Hilton can spread her frighteningly virulent strain of HPV (approximately 96% the speed of light). Alas, how things were looking so different in the early part of the century. M1 Abrams, tear gas cannisters, Poison CD’s and Barney, you name it were being shipped over to these friendly megalomaniacs for a little bit of oil money, and some friendly Rendition favors enacted on Pakistani cab drivers. Hell, even Mr. Lockerbie himself, Colonel Gaddafi threw his ridiculous Psychic Network looking hat into the ring of counter-terrorism.

Yet within these past few calamitous weeks, the whole world has been turned on its head, all thanks to Zuckerburg and his previously outlined plans for world domination. The neo-cons rightly suspect that Pharaoh Zuckerburg cannot be possibly be contained, indeed making him a serious threat to their amusingly nefarious designs. As masters of imp-provisation, they have reluctantly stepped away from their retirement glory holes to scour the land for worthy replacements to their friendly despots. But not just any old royal dick-heads can rule these treacherous nations, particularly ones divided along tribal lines. A tricky business finding Pol Pot caliber assholes to control the rabble. Yet as we know, nothing comes out of a vacuum, apart from a reckless teenager’s penis. Concurrently, rigorous scientific investigations into the very fabric of human DNA have led to a startling discovery. For years, it was widely suspected that every despotic ruler in human history has had a certain mojo, a certain je ne sais quoi, a staggering level of prickery that would even make The Situation from Jersey Shore blanch. But the smoking gun was never found. That is until the mojo was serendipitously discovered in a UCLA laboratory in 2009. The Adonis Gene. Yes, every tyrant in the history of civilization can trace his lineage to the ports of Phoenicia, and to the divine scrotal sack of Adonis himself.

Although normally loathe to accept any scientific methodology, Mr Wolfowitz and his merry band of Ring Wraiths saw a glorious opportunity. Celebrity culture in the United States is capable of staggering levels of narcissism, making it a seminally-coated petri dish of perfect candidates for all of these open dictatorial positions. So without delay, the Wolf Pack dusted off the old strip club napkins and revised the Project for a New American Century, and consequently Pax Americana. Their pretty young oil boy assistants were duly instructed to wash their mouths out, and contact the celebrity world forthwith. Auditions were then held for the still unfilled roles in North Africa. But not just any narcissistic tabloid tit could qualify. The right celebrity had to demonstrate beyond all doubt that certain je ne sais quoi. That level of self-loving douchebaggery so great that it could only be traced to the God of Douchebags himself. Adonis.

High on Sheen

And so enter the man. Enter the son of the gods. Enter…Wild Thing. Swaggering toward the mound in his algebra teacher’s spectacles, poised to hurl a 101 mph missile right at the undescended nuts of the media machine. Charlie Sheen. High on celebrity. High on life. High on…Charlie Sheen. And honestly, what better replacement for the King of Kings than a man who can overdose on himself? I mean, if he hasn’t developed a tolerance to Charlie Sheen after 45 years of hard use, then that must be some really powerful shit. So it is easy to imagine the neo-CONS concluding that six million downtrodden Libyans may well be vulnerable to 1 gram, let alone 70 kilos of Charlie Sheen. In fact, conservative jump-to-bizarre-conclusions-without-any-evidence-tank population models suggest that Libyans will be addicted within a matter of weeks, and ravenous zombies bent on their Sheen fix in only a matter of months. By 2012, what’s left of their dignity will be flushed down the toilet. Even more worryingly, these projections point to the entire Muslim World, 1.5 billion poor souls, becoming irreversibly addicted to Sheen, or some toxic variant by 2015. And once again, the Project for a New American Century will be in place. Pax Americana back on track, and firmly within the grasp of the neo-knob gobblers.

So where, you ask, does this leave Charlie Sheen? He’s too high to give a shit.

Written by Vlad Tepes


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  1. Good article..

    March 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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