US Arms Exports

It has been tough to remain optimistic in depressive era akin to the one we have become absorbed into right now. Young Americans are indoctrinated unwittingly into a mentally ill society which is succumbing to its own greed and consumption. There are many people and ideologies one may accuse or point the finger at, in fact, the accusations would encompass all of human history. In a narrower perspective, this generation has experienced drastic and draconian events which have reshaped society into the desire and fear based structures we see today. The misdirection of international financial institutions (IFI) and currency trading has created a system in which a clear majority of humans are indebted into financial servitude to provide for the exuberant desires of the elite. When a nation denies serving the elite, the Marines are called in along with back up in the form of approximately half of the total US citizen’s tax payments. In the wise words of Dr. King, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death”.

I find it interested to see how many theater wars Americans can produce in any given decade. American defense contractors exported $6.8 TRILLION worth of arms to foreign countries just in 2009.

It is a chain of events which has happened for decades; We, Americans, sell arms to foreign repressive nations like, Iraq(Biological Weapons), Egypt, Libya, Panama, Iran(supposedly even sent nuclear weapon instructions), etc. In turn, we eventually invade the country to change the political system in favor of the Washington Consensus which inevitably leads to cheaper raw materials exports and a shotgun-wedding ”democratic” system.

Of course this isn’t the case in all military exports, there are only a handful of strategic arms exports which end up in the hands of the ruthless. Here are some facts about the UN’s 2004 lifting of arms sanctions to Libya:

If we cared about bringing democracy to the Middle East, our first target ought to be the House of Saud and the incredibly repressive draconian influence they impose on their people. But no, of course we wouldn’t do that, we instead make the LARGEST ARMS DEAL IN HISTORY with the House of Saud for a total of $60 Billion!

Remember that we did the same to Iraq during the Iraq-Iran War? We sold Hussein fucking biological weapons, which in turn he used on the northern Kurds, THEN we use this a primary reason to invade the country?

Remember when did the same to the Mujahideen and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan during the Soviet Invasion? We sold RPGs, mortars and ammunition which they continue to use on use today due to our own invasion. Have you seen the link yet between the 1999 proposal for a Unocal pipeline from the Caspian Sea (2nd largest natural gas reserves) and the line of military bases when encompass that EXACT route? Or that Hamid Karzai, the current Afghan president, was a former Unocal consultant in California and Afghanistan?

Before we invade a country on the basis of dethroning a dictator or bringing about the illusion of democracy, we ought to think of the mentally-ill atrocities AMERICANS are committing by providing the stepping stones to violent chaos.


Written by: American College Student class of 2013

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