Environmental Capitalists Unite

Pay back is a bitch!  “Green for green,” is the pulse that fuels the hearts of the Environmental Capitalist.  I see times when the industrial money making devices are bled dry.  Only selected factories stand ruin as a reminder of their ancestors errors.  Like ghost towns of the old west these empty shells reflect the emptiness of it’s previous tenants.  Every ounce of energy that went into building these profit engines is gone.  The fuel is given back to restoration of living things once bleed on the alter.  An equalibrium state between all things is sought after, for this will be the resonance frequency for all things to meet their greatest potential.  These environmental capitalists of the future stand on the knowledge that a different world is not only possible, but necessary.

There will be platoons of granola eating hippy armies, who left their apathetic ideals behind.  These revolutionary flower children are well armed, well trained, and highly sophisticated people.  They will utilize current resources beyond anyones imagination.  Peace and love are still the mantra, but now used as an instrument to achieve their agendas.  With the population infected by alienation, it becomes easy for the environmental capitalist to find followers, by applying ideals such as respect, knowledge, and objectivity.  Flocks of minds will bend to the words of the new ideals like grass in the wind.  People of this thinking are not stressed by the worries of the old world.  They have desires, they have passion, and know their life has meaning.

The Environmental capitalist is greedy for harmony and well being to all entities.  The purpose is to discover the next layer of our existence.  These men and women strive to steer the world to a higher vantage point of awareness.  There is no selfish means by these people for they are already filled with the spirit of discovering the uncharted depths of our universe.  The quest for origin is want it really boils down to.  The environmental capitalist sees a world when all men and women utilize their vast potential as a conscious being to explore new territories beyond the gods.  The Environmental Capitalist understands that this fight is a real war, but still holds respect to the old ideals and their practitioners.  If it were not for them, the level the environmental capitalist quest to now, would have never been in reach.

Hear my words brothers and sisters, times are changing.  A new rebirth is rumbling beneath our feet.  The alarms of uncertainty in our current world are ringing.  Do not be scared, or frighted by new perspectives, remember each one of us is our own governor.  The only thing to do is embrace the vast potential of the unknown with confidence and self alliance.  The new conditions to come demand a highly creative human being, who is of sight and strength.  The days of rebirth are near, stand tall and stand with your fellow comrades shoulder to shoulder.

Written by Jak Ahabdune

From Voices of America -Authors Pictures

Jak Ahabdune is an eccentric and enthusiastic writer from Venice, California with a unique, creative approach. Currently, he enjoys writing for e-zines articles and for a variety of websites as well as his own blog site, Jak’s View. He also frequently writes for 180 Films, an independent film company based in Los Angeles. His innovative and inspiring imagination strikes as a fresh draft of originality when he explores topics like skateboarding, consciousness, science, film and music.

Jak’s View – Reporting from the other side.


One response

  1. vladsprincipality

    Right on brotha. I now only use stakes from Norwegian Pine farms, as the trees grow quickly. No more old oaks for me,

    You are looking at a new 21st century Vlad, a Vlad that mixes green with red.

    March 1, 2011 at 6:13 pm

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