New Pathways – Promotion of Consciousness

Consciousness vs. unconsciousness: an odd topic for the blog of an independent film studio. However, by stripping things down to the core, a clear path appears in the midst of this chaotic web we call life. From its conception, 180 Films was an outlet to release built-up conscious pressure through creative ideas that couldn’t sit still in the minds of its founders. Through the medium of film, ideas began to spark at the potential that could be reached. This became a license to step across the known boundaries, an opportunity to witness this world from a different perspective, but most importantly a pathway to freedom.

It may sound cheesy, but I assure you it is the truth. We live in a world where so many minds are cut off, pruned by uncaring hands through lies and deceit (and a world that has been enslaved by it’s own mythology). 180 Films believes in a world where development and growth towards a path of enlightenment are in desperate need. The world as a whole is in desperate need of higher conscious awareness. A new perspective on the world, where the conscious experience is cultivated and developed. Think of it, each person elevated to a higher creative consciousness in the field of their choice, as opposed to the current state where people are reduced to lower conscious states, watered down education, hormone-enriched food, debt-enslaved society…and all for a grossly wealthy minority of hollow people. Chaos indeed.

180 Films must swim in this world, which raises a few concerns. How does one undergo an artistic endeavor in a world that is set up for the opposite, while not succumbing to the same business tactics used? As the name 180 suggests, changing perspectives can illuminate the solution to the aforementioned issues. New methods of relationships, free from exploitation and greed, are the name of the game. Only in a world where truth, perspective and higher consciousness flow easily is where the next stage will begin. In assisting this viewpoint, 180 Films stands in a new light not only as creators and developers, but also as supporters and promoters.

Their network will showcase 180 Film’s direct work, and services rendered. However, with each new client, 180 Films will promote them by showcasing them in a special featured area throughout the entire network. They will then get a permanent spot on our main network with brief details and links back to them for all new and old clients.

The key here is to promote consciousness in whatever form. Yes, these are general strokes but it’s a start. 180 Films would rather see a world full of conscious thinkers than a world full of sheep-people.

Written by Jak Ahabdune


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